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Tourist Visa for South Korea Application Requirements in the Philippines

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Tourist Visa for South Korea Application Requirements in the Philippines

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Take note that this post is about tourist visa only, some requirements may be different for fiancé visa, student visa, working or immigrant visa, seaman and many more. There are separate pages for them. Some travel agencies also assist in processing but you need to comply with all the rules and requirements.

Primary Requirements:

Requirements in applying for South Korean tourist visa for Filipinos Those are the primary requirements. If your status is employed, self-employed, student or someone who was invited by a Korean friend or relative, there are additional documents required. Check them below.

Additional Requirements:

South Korean Tourist Visa Requirements for Employed Individuals Requirements if Businessman or Self-employed If personally invited to Korea by a friend, relative or a company in Korea: The applicant is requested to submit original Invitation Letter and passport copy of the Korean national who invited him. If invited by a Korean company, submit original Invitation Letter and photocopy of the said company’s Business Permit.

Tourist visa Requirements for Students in the Philippines If you are still a student and you will travel and visit South Korea for tourism purposes, you are required to pass the following documents aside from the primary requirements mentioned previously:

South Korean Tourist Visa Fees 59 days or less stay in Korea – Gratis or Free!

60 – 90 days stay in Korea – P1,500

Tourist Visa Processing Procedure at the Embassy of South Korea Philippines No need for an appointment because processing is a first-come-first-serve basis. File the application at the Embassy Consular Office (Address listed below) from 9-11 am only, Monday- Friday. First timers must present their application at Windows 1 and 2. Frequent travelers or those who have confirmation of visa issuance already should go to Window 3.

122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634 Philippines Tel. No. (02) 8569210 (consular section)

Fax No. (02) 8569024 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] (Consular Section)

Upon entering the embassy, you’ll need to get a gate pass and sign on their log sheet. There’s a specific and separate log for first time travelers and frequent travelers. Just sign where you belong. Then you’ll need to get another number from the reception, again you should know your category – first time traveler or frequent traveler. This number will be used when you approach the right Window. Wait for your number to be called. When you’re called, smile and greet the Consul/officer courteously and present your documents. The consul will check them and receive them. If no more questions have been asked and needed, be happy and pray. But that’s not an assurance though that you’ll be approved. You will be given a claim stub containing the date when you need to return to the embassy. That’s your judgment day. (smiling here) You need to return on that date to pick up and claim your passport and visa if approved. In case you cannot attend on that scheduled date, tell the Consul.

Depending on the Consul’s decision, processing of visa takes about 5 working days for first timers and 3 working days for frequent travelers. Releasing of visa is only from 2-4pm. Interview may be required before the result or issuance of visa depending on the Consul’s decision.

Tips in applying for a tourist visa for South Korea To have a smooth visa application and approval, make sure your requirements are all complete, signed and dusted before you apply. Also it’s convenient and helpful if you prepare extra photocopies so you can use them when you apply to other countries. Make sure your personal information are all consistent and that they tally with each other. Double check the info you have put in the application form and other documents like your complete name, address, birthdate, family info, TIN, passport number and the like. Also follow the procedures discussed above.

Tourist Visa Exemptions South Korea

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